As much as medicine has advanced even in the last 50 years, in the developing world treatable often curable disease goes unchecked resulting in the needless suffering and death of millions, particularly children. Each year over 10.9 million children under the age of five die, sixty percent of which from malnutrition and hunger-related causes. Incredibly, Malaria kills an African child every thirty seconds. Diarrhea alone causes the death of 1.8 million children. Across all age groups, the greatest cause of death is pneumonia and other lower respiratory infections followed by HIV/AIDS, malaria, diarrhea, TB, and measles respectively. The pandemic phenomena of HIV has come close to overwhelming the African continent. Of the 39.5 million people who live with HIV globally, 25 million live in Africa. Increasingly, TB is a frequent killer of people with AIDS. Measles too remain a devastating force in Southeast Asia and Africa where 82% of all cases are reported. Access to Health care and available medicine remains one of the greatest questions of social justice in the world today. Why has modern medicine in the developed world rendered obsolete the very diseases that continue to cause unbearable suffering and death in developing countries?

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